Mobile Research allows for insights and in-the-moment reactions from respondents. In healthcare, mobile research gives our clients the ability to perform conference research with physicians and other healthcare professionals accommodating their busy schedules. The main benefits of mobile research are off-line capability, interactive touch screen and in-the-moment data capturing.

M3 panelists are recruited to participate through a custom application and our project management team coordinate to ensure the app is downloaded and respondents are prepared to engage.

Use Cases

Conference Research

New clinical trial results released at conference, measure the impact with real time feedback from attendees

  • Post session feedback
  • End of day survey
  • Post conference surveys

Physician Chart Study

  • Doctors record five diagnosis appointments with patients for a certain disease. Recording symptoms, medication required etc.
  • Easier (and more likely) for doctors to complete in the moment and on their mobile

Patient Diaries

A diary to record symptoms, medication consumption, and medication purchase

Mobile Ethnographies

  • Reach respondents in the moment
  • Utilise respondents in the moment

Why Application-Based Mobile Matters

Offline Capability

  • Does not require constant connectivity
  • Point of contact / care
  • Emerging markets with low internet penetration

Multimedia / Touch Screen

  • Pictures, videos, voice recordings
  • Clicking and swiping is easier, faster, and fun

In the Moment Data Capture

  • Patient and doctor diaries / charts
  • Sales rep visits (detailing)
  • Conference research



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